We believe that early learning sets the foundation for lifelong leaning, behaviour and health. We offer an inclusive, play based curriculum based on the continuum of development. We recognize that children learn most effectively in an atmosphere of discovery and through a variety of child directed play experiences  We believe that positive child -adult interactions are a key component in the learning process.


Music Lessons

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Weekly music lessons are facilitated by Mrs. Miryam Mendoza.

Miryam has an Advanced Certificate of Early Childhood Music Education (ECME) of the Royal Conservatory of Music and the Ryerson University.

There are countless researches that prove that music encourage the development of all the learning areas such as language and communication, sensory-motor skills, socio-emotional development and cognitive abilities such as memory and concentration. Miryam implements a program with specific techniques to be able to teach music to children in a developmentally appropriate way to achieve their full potential and make them, not only smarter or more skilled, but also happier.

By participating in my music classes, your children will learn basic music concepts such as duration, tempo, meter, timbre and dynamics, among others, all this in a fun playful way: playing games, moving to different rhythms and tunes, singing and listening valuable music and playing percussion instruments.


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"Their ability to inspire, and the impact they make on the children's lives, goes beyond words"

T. McKeon